Metal Equipo de extrusión

Zhangjiagang Ruijia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd produce all kinds of copper and aluminum extrusion machines, automatic production lines, aluminum traction machines, heating furnaces, aging furnaces, T4\T6 treatment furnaces, etc., We provide our customers with a complete solution for the aluminum production line. The company's service tenet: Strictly abide by laws and regulations, abide by the quality management system, and carry out product design, production, installation and after-sales maintenance work according to standards, drawings and processes, prevent and eliminate all kinds of quality problems, and create high quality. Industry leading products.

Maquinaria Co., Ltd. de Zhangjiagang Ruijia

Zhangjiagang Ruijia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. se encuentra en Zhangjiagang, una ciudad nacional civilizada y saludable con una economía próspera. Está a solo una hora de Shanghai. El transporte conveniente proporciona energía ilimitada para el desarrollo de Zhangjiagang Ruijia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Bienvenidos amigos extranjeros para visitar y jugar.